Sun Screens are a beautiful, sleek way to make your home or business look more attractive while getting amazing benefits.  Our Sun Screens absorb solar heat and dissipate it before it reaches the windows and doors of the house.  These screens are a great way to lower your heating and cooling bills if your whole home is done.  By creating a barrier with the screen you are able to keep the heat out in the summer and insolate your home to keep the heat in the house during the winter. This is a great way to keep a specific room or section of the house cool if it is especially beat upon by the suns heat. 

Arch Window




Round Wall


These Sun Screens reduce glare and make it difficult for people to see into your home (Stucco preferred over Black for this).  You will be able to leave your blinds and windows open to enjoy the fresh air’s breeze.  You will be looking outside without having to worry about others looking into your home. These screens are easily removable for cleaning of the window or door. 

Sunscreens on a slider.


2 Suntex



Unlike many others, We have Charcoal and Stucco 80% and 90% Suntex in Stock!!!!

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